When To Fertilize Lawn In Spring

Spring is upon us, I’m so excited are you excited.You should be,it’s getting close or it already begun.You ask what,time to fertilize our lawns.

In the article I’m going go over when to fertilize lawn in the spring.

First you never want to fertilize your lawn on frozen ground let’s make that point clear.

You want to fertilize when soil temperature get around 55 degrees then it’s go time.You also have to take in effect the different hardiness zones and when plants  start to blossom or what shape your lawn is in and also if you used a winterizer on your lawn.

There a lot of different things that goes into that outcome,let’s get started.


What’s Soil Temperature

Soil temperatures are what they sound like the temperatures of your soil in the ground not the temperature in the air.

The remain the air could be much warmer than the soil temperature,so it’s very important to know the soil temperature you can go here to find out what the soil temperature is in your area by putting your zip code in and it will tell you your soil temperature for the day your soil temperatures for the day last year and your average soil temperatures for 5 and 10 years average it’s a very useful website to bookmark.

You can also use a cheap meat thermometer and stick it in the ground it will also tell you your soil temperature.

Soil Temperatures Matter

Soil temperatures are what it’s all about you never want to put fertilizer on frozen ground in the spring.

When soil temperatures get around 55 degrees is a great time to start fertilizing your lawns.

You can do them when soil temperatures are in the 40’s but that might wake your grass are any other plants up to soon and that might not be good if we get a hard freeze and that can easily happen where you live.That’s why you should fertilize in the spring when your soil temperatures are 55 degrees or check your hard frost dates.

That’s usually when the average frost dates ends .Then it could possibly be okay to fertilize your lawn if your soil temp is a little less than 55 degrees.

Different Hardiness Zones

Different hardiness zone will cause different fertilize times in the south they start fertilizing much earlier.

Because the soil temperatures are already at 55 degrees.In the Midwest there just not ready until maybe late March early April.In the East there even longer they might go until may or June, I know it’s crazy but you have to wait on Mother Nature to let you know.

Speaking of Mother Nature they let some plants know when to fertilize a lawn in the spring.

So this is we’re you really need to pay close attention in your area of your neighborhood landscaping and yours it will practically tell you when to fertilize a lawn in spring.

When Certain Plants Bloom

If your confuse and do not understand when to fertilize your lawn in the spring pay close attention to some of the plants.

For instance look when the forsythia bloom with there beautiful yellow flowers when you see them blooming it’s definitely time to fertilize or when the cheery blossoms start to blossom
It’s go time.

Or quite simply when your grass starts growing it’s time you can base your early fertilizing schedule with them events and you will be fine.

What If You Have A Disaster Lawn

For the people who have a lawn that need some major work fertilizer is going be your friend.

As soon as the ground is not frozen you will need to put some fertilizer out to get the grass munching and eating to try to fatten up.

Therefore you will need more nitrogen and putting some out earlier than normal will not be wrong at all as long as the ground is not frozen.

But if you still wanted too wait until soil temps get 55 degrees would be okay you can’t rush perfection.

If You Used A Winterizer

The simple way to know when to fertilize is to put down a winterizer in late fall and you can wait until may that’s how I do it.

I don’t want to add a lot of fertilizer in spring because of the spring growth flush that you get.You will be out there cutting your grass every four days and that’s fine if you love and have the time to do that but with my busy schedule I don’t have the time.

Using a winterizer will still have you out there cutting your grass every week easy because that’s when cool season grass loves to grow and with warm season grasses you talking about May,June and July in the deep heat so over fertilizer can be a problem if you allow it to.


There not a right or wrong way when to fertilize a lawn in spring as long as you take heed to the things I told you you will be fine.

Your lawnmower might be working overtime but that’s the name of the game sometimes.

But it’s not too difficult to know when is the right time to fertilize your lawn with a little know how.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my website.

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