When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn In The Fall To Get Results Like This

A winterizer fertilizer is one of the most important application you will Ever put out on your lawn.

This bring me to this question when should you fertilize your lawn in the fall to get results like this.

For cool season It’s simply your absolutely last application when your grass has stop growing and grass is still green.Timing could vary according where you live,but there a small 2 to 4 week windows when you can apply it.

Warm season grasses are the same concept and depending where you live timing is key but with warm season grasses it’s not as important as cool season grasses.In this article I’m going go over this question a little in depth.

What Is A Winterizer Fertilizer

A winterizer is a a fall fertilizer application that is usually put down toward the end of the growing season when all grass has stop growing but is still green.

Winterize fertilization is the most important fertilization because it’s all about root growth and no top growth.

It stores all the food it uptake in its little body and when spring comes and the soil temperature get warm enough it takes off.Fall fertilizer can keep your lawn green for most or all of winter.

Timing Is Everything

Putting down a fall fertilizer is all about timing put it down at the wrong time you could damage your lawn.

But if done correctly you will be golden you can put fertilizer out aggressively with know risk of burning your grass.

Its very important to fertilize your lawn in the fall at any time even when your lawn is still growing but a winterizer is a little different you want your grass to drastically slow down it’s growth to the point that when you cut yourself grass your not taking really any grass of top.

Or it can completely stop growing but your grass has to be still green and nice .

There a time frame when this has to be done,it can be 2 to 4 weeks depending where you stay your winterizer can go down ranging from Halloween to thanksgiving.Of course the colder it is the sooner you will have to put your winterizer out.

Cool Season Grasses Love Winterizer

Cool season grass are Taylor made for winterizer because in the fall they stop growing because of the cold temperatures and when the grass stop growing but still green go for it.

You do not want to wait to long to put fertilizer out.The grass can not go into dormant or it will never work and your fertilizer will not be effective.

If you stay in that window your lawn will not be in dormant yet so all that feeding will go to your lawn roots and food to store.

Warm Season Grasses Likes Winterizer

They love winterizer also they have a even smaller window than cool season grasses but they can be done around September or maybe October depending where your located are you might not really need a winterizer if you stay some where that is warm all year like Florida.


If you fertilize once a year the fall would be your best time to fertilize.Using a winterizer application is by far the best fall fertilizer by far if I had to use just one application.It will benefit your lawn in the fall with early green and no fertilizer application until May.

Then you wont be wondering when you should fertilize your lawn in the fall to get results like this.

This is my lawn I put my winerizer out a couple day after Thanksgiving and today this is where i’m at pretty impressive.If you have any question or comments please don’t hesitate to write them down below.

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