What’s the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organic Fertilizer

If you want a lush green lawn or a beautiful landscape you need to use a decent fertilizer. The plant doesn’t care where and what the source comes from.

As long as it gets fed it can be from the soil or from the fertilizer itself.Therefore, when your’e talking about organic vs chemical it’s all the same at a certain point.

Were going go in what’s the advantages of organic fertilizer and why would we want to use them.

Organic fertilizer are natural in their’s no chemical added to them, they are rarely processed so their mostly kept in their natural form they are not refined at all.

They are usually made from plant or animal waste and powdered minerals.

There usually very safe to use for humans and pets and for the environment.

They are also fool-proof so their rarely burn your plants unless you careless.

Natural Or Is It

Organic fertilizer our natural fertilizer for the most point they come from our big earth and what it all has to offer.

Organic fertilizer uses all natural products like minerals animal waste and plant waste.

Some organic fertilizer is not what it seems some are made with fine metals and other things like bio solids which is human waste which some people think that is organic and some people think it’s not.

Organic fertilizer feeds your soil microbes which in return feed your plants. It takes some time to start feeding but once it does, you get a nice long feeding compared to chemicals’.

Different Types Of Organic Fertilizer

There’s different types of organic fertilizer their are plant based fertilizer which are made from different plants like for example grass clippings is full of nitrogen when broken down.

That’s why it’s so important to mulch your clippings when you cut your grass. Plant base fertilizer are full of nutrients and does a great job feeding your soil.

Animal waste fertilizer are what it states their from animal poop like chicken liter or cow manure.

There probably have the highest nitrogen content rate.

They do a great job feeding your plants thanks to your soil feeding the microbes. Keep in mind animal waste could have a smell so if you have rodents around your house just be cautious when using them.

Some fertilizer is made from minerals like phosphate and chemicals,sulfer and potassium they all help your plants grow very lush,they are needed on need to know basis.

Very Safe

Organic fertilizer are very safe for the most point just read the label because it’s law and you will be fine.

Since their not chemicals’ you will not make many mishaps using them.

They are safe for animals and pets they can also consume some organic fertilizer and they should be okay unless they eat too much then they may have a tummy ache.

There great for the environment they will not hurt our water streams like chemicals, will do.

And of course their safe for humans also their made of all natural things so if you have a pet they may be your answer for you.

Oops I Made A Mistake

You accidentally put too much organic fertilizer on your lawn our landscape bed no worries.

Organic fertilizer are foolproof organic fertilizer.They don’t move like chemical fertilizer around in the soil.

Therefore they strictly feeds your microbes and the soil feeds your plants that’s why they are not so harsh on your plants.

Other advantages of organic fertilizer is when you put some down you don’t have to water them in all the time like chemicals’ fertilizer.

Heat and friction can break down organic fertilizer more than water depending on certain organic fertilizer you use.

Organic fertilizer are very forgiving to your plants their very newbie friendly.


Organic fertilizer are great fertilizer to use their usually more expensive than chemicals’ but it’s a lot advantages of organic fertilizer.

There great to have in your arsenal and when you get your lawn or landscape where you want them then I would defiantly incorporate using organic fertilizer.

They will give you a longer lasting performance of your plants and lawns they will be so much healthier in the long run with less disease and drought tolerance,less salt intake which can damage a plant for sure.

In my last post I went over some advantages of organic fertilizer in this post I’m going go over some disadvantages of fertilizer. For one, they take a some time to work it could take months to see any results are a year or so.Therefore, taking longer for plants to show results. Organic fertilizer are usually more expensive than chemicals fertilizers. And Some not all have a smell that some people cannot tolerate. Speaking of smell the critters and rodent and even your pets might like the smell and want to eat. In this post were going dive into some disadvantages in depth.

Slow Working

First disadvantages of using organics is it takes a while for organics to start working through the plant.

Remember the organic fertilizer feeds the microbes in your soil and in return your sol feeds your plants. It’s a natural process that can take a couple of weeks to start working and depending on how bad your landscape or lawn is it can take a lot longer to start working.

Heat is what really get the microbes moving and ready to eat the organic fertilize, so you really benefit with organics when it start getting in the 60s and 70s consistently.

When its cold the microbes don’t do anything, therefore its useless to use organics when its cold or very cool outside.

Seems Like No Results

When you use organics it will seem like you are not seeing no results at all.

So don’t give up and switch back to chemicals or just stop fertilizing your landscape area.

Organic fertilizer is working its building your soil up first to make it really so much healthier and that takes time unless your landscape area is not in bad shape then it will take a shorter period to see results.

You guys have to remember its takes patients when getting your landscape and lawn together the way you want it regardless of what you use so using organics will take even longer so relax you know what your goal is so stick with it.

More Expensive

Organics fertilizer are mush more expensive. Over the years as more and more people have switch or start using organics in their lawn and landscaping regimens the price has dropped a little but they still are much more than chemicals fertilizer.

You will get more organic fertilizer in a bag but it will cover less area. So you will have much more organic fertilizer you have to put out compared to chemical.

For example a chemical fertilizer could equate to 1 pound per 1000square feet compared to an organic could be 10 pounds per 1000 square feet and they both could be the same amount of fertilizer that the plant up take in one feeding.

I know its a little confusing,just think if you ate some fries and they equal 200 calories that’s not that many fries, but take that 200 calories and ate that in salad you would have a boat load of salad to eat and probably be fuller eating the salad. Very interesting right.

Whoa That Smell

Organic fertilizer can have a foul smell especially if its the animal based fertilizer their made out of different things like chicken poop or cow manure, horse manure, processed fish remains and biosolids which some people argue are not organic fertilizer but they are natural fertilizer for sure more things that can cause a major nostril problem.

Also unwanted animals, critters and rodents are attracted by some organic fertilizer so just be mindful and be careful when using them.

Your pets can like organics fertilizer also so make sure you watch them organic fertilizer are not supposed to be harmful to your pets but if they eat too much of them they might have some stomach issue.

The smell can be over bearing, but the smell usually goes away in a day or two if the microbes get the soil moving. So I wouldn’y worry about the smell that much.


There are more positives than negatives when using organic fertilizer.

But in this article I went over some disadvantages of organic fertilizer used in our landscape to help you make some good informed decision when thinking about if organics fertilizer is a good fit in your program, hope i than helped you.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment down below.


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