What’s Makes Some Of The Best Liquid Fertilizer Blends

As you may already know is where in spring time and your lawn should have woken up from the warm temperatures if you did a winterizer last fall.

Speaking of fertilizer that brings me to a question what makes some of the best liquid fertilizer blend.

It has to be a pretty complex fertilizer that include micro and macro nutrients nutrients and a high carbon products ,humic acid , good compost tea and seaweed kelp to name a few.

Oh and then there’s micro fungi ,amino acid that can be added to the blend also.I will go in depth more on this topic of what’s considered a robust fertilizer mix

Good N-P-K Ratio

Having a good n-p-k blend of fertilizer is a good ingredient your fertilizer should have.

A 4-1-2 ratio is a good mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

These are pretty much the most important things in your blend by far they aid in the nice green color of your plant and help in root growth and drought stress.

They make up the macro nutrients including sulfur and calcium.

Also they are the main essential your plant needs to flourish without them your plants will
not perform the way you want them to.

Want to learn more about macro nutrients click here.

Trace Elements

Trace elements also make and awesome fertilizer blend.

Trace elements like iron , zinc ,copper, manganese, sulfur there the micro nutrients that make up a very complex based fertilizer.

They help the plant and the soil thrive for different reason.Trace elements are the micro nutrients that are very underrated and are needed for your plant to reach its full potential.

Want to learn more about micro nutrients click here.

Carbon Based Products

Carbon based products in the soil takes your plants to another level.There different types of carbon products.They form molecules in the soil that create air pockets all in the soil and improve your soil in ways you would not believe like water retention they keep hold water.

Therefore keeping your plate having something to drink for long periods of times.

They also hold nutrients in soil so they want leach out in our water ways.

Also they help any products you put out on your lawn or plants be more effective because they are a carrier and improve fertilizer products when carbon is included.

Carbon products come in different ways , you have humic acid which is great for the soil.

You also have fulvic acid which is the brother of humic acid which is good for the plant.

Next is biochar it’s also very high in carbon and it’s basically a lot of dead material like trees and woody plants over years of decay burn and broken down overtime to produce a rich dark beautiful soil that your plants will absolutely love.

You can also get carbon from carbohydrates which can be found in molasses which are used in fertilizer our compost teas and they feed the microbes in your soil that goes crazy and make your soil so happy.

Blend That Improve The Soil

You can mix and match any of these combinations any way you want to tailor made to the program you want to run.

Need more macro nutrients or micro nutrients like iron or calcium add that, more humic acid or biochar add them.

They will help give you this robust unbelievably soil that can turn hard clay or sandy soil into something special.


All these combinations is what makes a wonderful blend of fertilizer.Just add what you need to your soil a soil test will tell you what you need and make sure you add some humic acid to your fertilizer and it will help every other nutrient so much more effective.

You can make some of the best liquid fertilizer blends out there.The beauty is that you can buy some fertilizer already with these blends like liquid lawn which you can read the review here or you can make your own liquid fertilizer blend that you can read here.

There’s so many types of blend you can do that are not mention in this article you can mix fungicide and even pesticides to your fertilizer blend, want to speed up your soil microbiology by adding microbes that will supercharge your soil if you want to.

If you have any questions please let me know at the bottom of the article.

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