What The Difference Between Macronutrients And Micronutrients When Used In Liquid Fertilizers

When you talk about humans and plants their very similar in that they both like and need water and they both like to eat food to get bigger and healthier.

Also, they have some of the same macronutrients and micronutrients in their makeup. What I’m going go over in this article is about the difference between macronutrients and micronutrients and what they play in liquid fertilizers and why or plants and lawns need them to flourish.

The difference between micro and macros nutrients is really about the same they do good for our lawns and plants like they do good for humans and animals to help us maintain a healthy state.


What Is Macronutrient

Macronutrient plays a great role in our plant life making them strong and healthy without them they would not survive our they would not grow and be great.

Macronutrient consist of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Our soils stores very small amount and uses it when they need it to feed our lawns.

There also carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are also macronutrients but they are obtained from air (carbon dioxide and water) but others are available through soil .

What you need to remember about macro nutrients is the main N-P-K is in that nitrogen, phosphors, and potassium therefore making that the most important nutrient by far they are the foundation if you want a green and happy lawns

If you don’t supply your lawn with macronutrient your lawn will be in deep trouble getting anything going the way you want.

What Is Micronutrient

Micronutrient also plays a very important part, they make your plants healthier than you could imagine while making your lawns stronger and drought tolerant.

Micornutrient consist of boron, chlorine, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, and molybdenum. Their role is not as important as macronutrients but their similar to like eating your vegetables and taking your vitamins eating and using them will make everything else better.

Especially, if your doing all the other things correct like watering your grass and cutting your grass and pruning your plants correctly. Micronutrients will be the icing on the cake they will give you better result if your doing all the other thing right.

What Role Do They Play In Fertilizers

They play a major role in liquid and granular fertilizers and that’s what used to feed our plants and lawns. And when their paired up with liquid fertilizer it’s a great thing.

A well-balanced fertilizer has all the macro and micro nutrients in their and they do an amazing job of feeding your lawn while making them healthier with all the goodness included.

Plain and simple without fertilizers or some type of nutrient in our soil we will be skating up a hill, so using fertilizers is the best solution to get all the nutrients our plants need.

How Do Our Plants and Lawns Respond

Our plants and lawns respond very well to macronutrients if you just used them they would give you a great lawn that grows very well.

If you used Micronutrient by their self and not any macronutrient your yard would probably be green but it will probably not be as green and would be slow growing. Any imperfections in your lawn you will notice them because they would take forever to fill in.

But if you use them together with the macronutrient you will have a great growing and proficient lawn or plants.If you use them on a regular basis. Having a well-balanced fertilizer is the way to go to give you the difference between macro nutrients and micro nutrients.


Lastly using both macro and micro nutrients will give you great results but if you have a macronutrient based fertilizer you would still get decent results.

If you use just a micronutrient fertilizer by itself is a good fertilizer to use in the summer to give you a nice green color without any growth and it’s a great fertilizer if you had a soil test and you need the micronutrients in your lawn.

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