What Makes The Best Liquid Fertilize For Bermuda Grass

I just love lawn care. I’m over at my rental property doing some early lawn work, raking leaves, things I like to do for my tenant because I’m not a slumlord lol.

Getting serious my rental property is mostly Bermuda grass and this is a good time to go over what makes the best liquid fertilizer for Bermuda grass.

First they have to have a pretty high nitrogen rate that’s very important. Secondly there has to be quite a bit of quick release nitrogen.

Thirdly it really need to be a balanced fertilizer not mandatory because nitrogen is the most important part of a Bermuda grass lawn but it will benefit the health of your grass.

So in this article I will try to explain in my humble opinion what makes the best liquid fertilizer for Bermuda grass and my reasons why I think that.



High Rate Nitrogen

Bermuda grass loves”I mean loves”to eat. The more you feed it the more it grows, so high nitrogen is a good idea when you’re dealing with Bermuda grass, especially one that is in bad shape high nitrogen is the only way to go.

An N-P-K of 46-0-0 is a standard used in the lawn care industry because Bermuda is a nitrogen hog with that being said it docent necessarily has to be an N-P-K of that.

You can use 30-0-0 or 21-0-0 they will all work great just make sure your fertilizer, depending on how much fertilizer you use. Fertilize every 2 to 4 weeks. Bermuda grass can take the high nitrogen fertilizer with no problem just be careful when temperate get into the 90s use a lower rate or a lower nitrogen content.

Quick Release Would Be Nice

Bermuda grass fertilizer has to have some quick release nitrogen in it. Bermuda grass like to eat fast that’s the reason liquid fertilizer is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. Something like ammonium sulfate you can get here is perfect.

Your Bermuda grass fertilizer can have some slow release nitrogen in it. Bermuda will definitely love the later snack feeding when the time is right.

Keep in mind the more quick release the more your Bermuda will grow and “I mean grow insanely” but that’s what’s going make your Bermuda grass fill in and get thick like a carpet and have your roots moving down lower in the soil and moving lateral spreading, beside the cutting of your Bermuda grass.

Then two things will take your Bermuda grass to new heights.

Balance Fertilizer Will Make A Healthy Bermuda Lawn

A balance fertilizer for your Bermuda grass will make it so healthy an N-P-K ratio like 3-1-2 is wonderful they need the phosphorous and the potassium to help it grows effectively.

Getting a soil test will keep the guess work out of it, but you can’t go wrong in my opinion with a balanced fertilizer. Something like Scotts fertilizer on Bermuda grass will make it pop.

The Scotts Liquid Turf builder Lawn Food the link here would be a good example of high nitrogen fertilizer I’m talking about. In the summer is where the balanced fertilizer is going pay benefits on your lawn in the stress of the heat.


Theirs a bunch of fertilizer you can use on Bermuda I would tell you to check out my best liquid fertilizer for Bermuda grass list you will find some great liquid fertilizer that will get the job done with no problem.

Remember high nitrogen rate is where you want to be if your Bermuda is not in great shape and you need to fill in some patch holes. The more your Bermuda eats the faster it grows. The more it fills in.

If your, Bermuda lawn is already in decent shape you would do better with a well-balanced fertilizer it does not have to be very high in nitrogen it can have more slow release also in that situation.

You also have to cut your Bermuda at least once a week, twice a week would be better with better results.

Bermuda like to be cut low I’m from Missouri so I cut mines at about 2 inches. In the south they go lower and you should see how some of there lawns look, like golf course.

Also, water is king if you don’t water your lawn your wasting your time and money. Your lawn will not flourish at all the water is what makes everything else works like a charm.

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