What Is A Fertilizer Burn?

Temperature are getting warmer the cherry tree are just blossoming
I’m getting excited it’s getting closer almost time to put that first application on the lawn and your landscaping.Today I’m going go over what is a fertilizer burn.Quite simply a fertilizer burn is when you have applied too much nitrogen and it burn or scorch your plants or lawn.A fertilizer burn very rarely goes to the root using a fertilizer but it can if you just use too much not paying attention.And it will do major damage in your landscape.In this article we will go over why you could possibly burn your plants and lawn with too much fertilizer.

Excess Nitrogen

Too much nitrogen is going be the main problem of having a fertilizer burn.

A very high content fertilizer like a 46-0-0 can I major damage to your landscaping.You have to really know what your doing when you apply a very high content of fertilizer.

A fast acting fertilizer with no slow release can cause a major problem with major burning.Know your fertilizer rates and the only way you will know them is by reading the label and doing some minor calculations.

Slow release fertilizer is a better option for a newbie.You will still have to read the label to know the application rate but a slow release can be a little more forgiving.

But make no mistake a lot it a slow release can still burn your lawn with know problem it might not show as soon as you put it down but you will notice it sooner than later.

High Salt Index

Fertilizer with high salt can burn a fertilizer much easier than a low content fertilizer.

Have you ever notice a urea based fertilizer that been used for snow removal well they can be like a 46-0-0 or a 21-0-0 they have a very high content of salt in them and they can burn your plants very easily if overused.

High salt fertilizer is better to use at half rate of what the label say if your inexperienced

Too Much Stress

Fertilizer burn is way too much stress on your plants that’s why it turns yellow or wilted up.

Your plants might need some N-P-K too much fertilizer or salt index can be very stressful on plants,especially if you need phosphorus and potassium they have a great relationship with droughts resistance and if your plant need them and that low in nutrient you will have a great impact on fertilizing program.

Droughts Make It Worst

Having a drought and no rainfall will make the grass and landscaping have a difficult time to flourish in these condition. That’s why it,s extremely important to not put fertilizer down when your in a drought situation,you will be having a never ending situation that will undoubtedly burn your grass.

When your in a drought it’s a very dry climate that is a horrible predicament for a plant to be in even a warm season plant can struggle with know water our too much fertilizer.

Application Mistake

Applying too much is  a main problem also.Using a spreader and accidentally putting too much in a spot in your lawn or the lawn spreader tilt over and fell into the grass .

You tried to get as much of the fertilizer you can get up but you didn’t get enough now you have a mess on your hands.The only option is to water,water,water that’s the key,you will probably have to do that some consecutive days to wash out that fertilizer.It doesn’t matter if it liquid fertilizer or granular the same rule apply,water is king.

Never Apply To A Wet Lawn

Never apply fertilizer to a wet a wet lawn. Especially granular fertilizer it can start dissolving immediately right onto your grass blade or your plants and scorch your plants and lawns with ease.

A dry lawn is your best and only option.

Liquid fertilizer is a little different when fertilizing  using them on a wet lawn since there already in liquid form there just sitting on your plants and grass blades sucking up the nutrients in the liquid fertilizer so it want do as much damage to a wet lawn unless you just use too much fertilizer.


What is a fertilizer burn.It can be a serious problem with the proper knowledge it takes to put a effective application out.

Reading the label is the first step into learning what not to do to burn your plants.Second is doing what the label says to do no if and or buts.

These company have spend a lot of money knowing what makes there products quite effective so doing what they ask you to do on the label will only help with your yard.Too much is always most of the time not the right thing to do,a little goes a long way in the lawn care world.

When your in doubt water is the king it’s the only thing that will correct a potential fertilize burn.If you have any question please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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