What Fertilizer Is Safe For Dogs

We know having a dog can be a special moment in our lives have a loving dog makes up so happy and fills our life with so much joy. The love we give them they give it right back to us. We also fill as if there one of our child so making sure there healthy and cared for is priority one to us. So I understand having safe lawn and garden products means a lot, so in this article were going talk about what fertilizer is safe for dogs.


Basically any fertilizer can be safe for dogs if you put it down on your lawn and water it in and give it time to dry. Chemical fertilizer has their own guidelines and so does organic fertilizer.Therefore, if you to not follow them guidelines, then every fertilizer you put down will not be safe. I will go over this more in detail and explain.

All Fertilizer Is Safe If Watered In

All fertilizer are actually safe for your dogs if you water in your fertilizer after applying it in your garden, lawn, flower beds our where ever you put it, as long as you don’t let it sit on your lawn our garden and bring your dog out in the yard before you water you will be fine.

It. doesn’t’ matter if it’s a chemical or organic fertilizer they both will be okay. You will need to give your garden our lawn a good soaking around 30 minutes using a granular and around half which is 15 minutes for a liquid fertilizer.

You can always time your fertilizing time with mother nature which would be ideal if you get enough rain.it would wash everything down to the soil perfectly.

Adequate Dry Time

After you water make sure you give your lawn and garden good adequate drying time. You never want your dog to go out to a wet grass or muddy soil it would be very messy for your dog and for you.

Also, you would not give the fertilizer time to dry in the soil so the plants can uptake all the nutrients the fertilizer has to offer.

Dry time is very important if you bring your dog out to the lawn and you just water after fertilizing some fertilizer, especally granular would still be in pellet form probably stuck to your grass blade are sitting on your soil ready for a snack for your dog and we to not want that.

Chemical Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer are a much more dangerous fertilizer than organic.

A lot of chemical fertilizer have a very high salt intake which is what nitrogen is. If your dog eat some chemical fertilizer they could get sick at the stomach eat a little they probably would be okay, but be very cautions.

Also, you don’t want them chemical fertilizer all in your dog paws or your dog sniffing chemical fertilizer all this can be very toxic to a dog.

The simple answer is water in your chemical fertilizer and give to a good dry out time and you will have know issue.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is the opposite of chemical most organic fertilizer are much safer for your dog.

But be careful all organic fertilizer are not 100% safe for your dogs.

Some organic fertilizer are made from animal products like blood meal are chicken poop just to name a few that will give your dog some upset stomach issue if it eats too much of them type of fertilizer.

Organic fertilize are natural product and every natural product because it says natural is not safe. Heep your dog off the lawn our out of the garden after an application of an organic fertilizer and of course water it in and give it good dry time.

Wait 24 Hours And You Good

Just wait 24 hours after application and you should be good, after you fertilize water your lawn or garden and let it dry for a period of 24 hours and you will be good and it will not mater what fertilizer is safe for dogs because you followed all the guidelines.

Chemicals or organic is very safe to put out in your yard if you take the precautionary steps to make sure your dogs get all the care they want and deserve.

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