Tips On How To Apply Liquid Fertilizer

Fertilizing Your grass and your plants can be tiresome and no fun for some people.

Especially if you use granular fertilizer. Have you ever fertilize using liquid fertilizer it’s a great alternative to using granular because it’s quicker and easier to apply. In this article I’m going give you some tips on how to apply liquid fertilizer.

It’s not difficult at all you have to no what applicator equipment you are going be using.

Like a pump-up sprayer, a hose end sprayer or a watering can and then you need to no how to use each one and the application rates for the liquid fertilizer,because their is different application rate for different applicator equipment.

Why Use Applicator Equipment

If you want to apply liquid fertilizer effectively you must use some type of applicator equipment it’s the only way you can distribute liquid fertilizer correctly.

Too much liquid fertilizer will ruin your lawn or plants too little will not make a difference in result.

The liquid fertilizer applicator is calibrated most of the time to perfection to put out the right amount of fertilizer. Some time it’s depending on the applicator equipment you use, you may have to calibrate it yourself.

They make a hard messy job an easy job for the most part as long as your not being reckless spraying liquid fertilizer everywhere, not paying attention.

Using an applicator is the only way to go to spray liquid fertilizer weather it a tow behind sprayer or a simple spray bottle.

Pump-Up Sprayer

A pump-up sprayer is a great way to spray liquid fertilizer or any type of liquid product it can spray exactly where you need it to and it sprays from hard to a very light mist.

Pump-up sprayer can come with in pump up sprayer or a battery operated sprayer it’s does a very efficient job.

Efficient the battery operated kind they can get a job done in no time.

Hose End Sprayer

Great liquid applicator does a great job of spraying liquid fertilizer over your lawn in the quickest way possible. Just screw it on to your water hose and adjust the setting and spray.

Hose end sprayer are very efficient and their spray coverage is by far one of the best in the lawn and garden industry.

Their just not very precise when spraying like pump-up sprayer, but their great when it comes to fertilizing your lawn are a nice size flower bed that’s where they shine.

Watering Can

What can you say about watering cans they are the simple of the simplest. Put your water and your liquid fertilizer in the watering can give it a shake and spray on your plants.

There not much use on a lawn or a nice size area because they don’t really spray out with force like a pump-up sprayer or a hose end sprayer they just trickle out.

So their quite effective on your potted plants are hose plants because they spray out right where you need them.

They make quick work watering your plants you might have to fill the watering can multiple times depending on the size of your landscape beds and how many potted plants you have.

Different Applicator Equipment Means Different Aplication Rate

All of these applicator equipment do an excellent job for what you need them to do. There all used for different occasion if you was doing the lawn you would probably use a hose end sprayer or maybe a pump up sprayer especially the battery operated kind and a watering can for your potted plants are small trees, bushes and landscape beds.

Therefore that also goes for the application rates you would use certain applicator equipment because of that if you wanted to spot spray weeds you would use a pump-up sprayer.Also, of you wanted to spray your entire yard for weeds you would do a better job using a hose end sprayer.

The number of plants in your potted plants combos would use more liquid fertilizer so you would need more water so you could soak plants more so you would use more water from your watering can or better yet you could use a hose end sprayer to get the job done quicker.

If you wanted to take your time fertilizing your lawn and be more precise you can use a pump up sprayer it will take longer but it would do a great job.


What ever applicator equipment you learn how to apply liquid fertilizer with will do a great job.

You just have to learn and get use to using it. All three applicator have their advantages and of course disadvantages.

That’s why I say learn all of them and have them in your shed or garage and have them for your arsenal of garden equipment.Believe it or not your yard will love you for it and give you the respect you deserve.

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