The Key Difference Between Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Sprayers

I’m sitting thinking about all the different liquid lawn fertilizer sprayer on the market. I think this is a wonderful time before we gear into spring and go over the good the bad and the ugly about the different products on the market.

First were going talk about why we need them.Secondly how each sprayer works between each other. Thirdly the pros and cons of each liquid lawn fertilizer sprayer.

Lastly I will give you my recommendation on which ones I like and for what reason because some are used for certain situation than others.

This article is going be on mostly about home lawn sprayers only if you have 10 acres of grass you would not use these types of sprayers. So we will keep it for common home lawns so their will not be any confusion.

Why Do We Need Lawn Fertilizer Sprayers

Quite simply we need them because that’s the only way you can distribute liquid lawn on your grass.

They do a great job of covering your lawn whatever the square footage of your lawn is. They get the job done in a timely manner.A 5000 square feet lawn can be done in 5 or 10 minutes when you done it enough and your know your lawn like the back of your hand.

Just think about it what if you can get your yard work done faster so you can spend time with your family or whatever you want to do.

The Function Of Each Sprayer

The function of each sprayer varies,their are three kinds of fertilizer sprayer I use in my lawn or other people lawn.

The first one is an old fashion pump up sprayer they been around for a long time. A pump up sprayer device is for spraying your lawn or other things like plants weeds, pesticides and I’m sure you can use it for even more things that are not lawn and garden related.

It has a tank that holds the solution your using,”for us that would be liquid fertilizer”. It has a pump handle that pressurizes the tank when it’s hand pumped and a hose and wand attachment so you can spray the fertilizer where you need it to go too.When pumped a few times it sprays out.

The next sprayer is a backpack sprayer which is similar to a pump up sprayer except for a couple of things. They hold more liquid they usual they start at 4 gallons size and up and a traditional pump up sprayer usually goes to 2 gallons.

Backpack sprayer have longer distance spray patterns they can spray up to 10 to 12 feet.

There two type of backpack sprayer you have the pump up version and you have the battery operated version.

The battery operated sprayer sprays with the push of a button and sprays until all liquid is out,or your battery runs low. For the pump up version you will still need to pump it every once in a wild .

The third liquid lawn fertilizer sprayer is a hose end sprayer it’s, a sprayer that’s has a container that is a combination sprayer nozzle when screwed on the container it sprays fertilizer out. A water hose has to be connected to the top of the hose end sprayer and water dilutes the fertilizer.

They have two types of hose end sprayer their is an adjustable one,which you can dilute the fertilizer to water ratio and their’s a fixed rate one,hose end sprayer you can’t adjust that one.

Pros and Cons


  • Pump Up Sprayer is easy to use and fairly cheap and does a fine job for the money.
  • Backpack Sprayer is very easy to use and can be very expensive but does a great job because of it range and coverage when spraying it.
  • Hose End Sprayer is a also very easy to use and can be very cost effective and covers a great amount of coverage in a short period of time and can be more beginner friendly because you can adjust the water to fertilizer ratio.


  • Pump Up Sprayer Takes a longer time to complete a job and less spraying coverage.
  • Backpack Sprayer Gotta be very careful when spraying you can easily spray too much and do some damage.
  • Hose end Sprayer If your looking for a precise fertilizer spraying job this might not give it to you. The water to fertilizer ratio could be too much water.

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The Right Job For Each One

It all depends on the user some people might like the pump up sprayer for its easy to use take with you by carrying it in your hand. You might like that you can take your time if timing is not an option.

The backpack sprayer gets the job done fast and a lot of people love that and you don’t have a lot of pumping with your hand ,or any if you got a battery operated one.

Hose end sprayer is great for a beginner who want to get the job done when they want it done you can adjust the knob and go-slow. You can adjust it to go faster it’s a little more of a fool proof sprayer also


Whichever one you use is up to you,all three have their purposed.I think if you never used one before I would say the hose end sprayer would be the best pick to get the hang of liquid lawn fertilizer sprayers.

Then you can move to a pump up sprayer or a backpack sprayer depending on of the size of your lawn if it’s over 10,000 square feet I would choose a backpack sprayer if it’s a 5000 square feet you can get by with a pump up sprayer.

You have to take in effect the cost also a backpack sprayer will cost more money so if your on a budget I would use a hose end sprayer or a pump up sprayer.

Or you can can have both of them for different jobs that’s the best of both worlds, use the hose end sprayer for your lawn fertilizing and use the pump up sprayer for spot treatment spraying.

When you get more money upgrade to the backpack sprayer and have even more fun.

2 thoughts on “The Key Difference Between Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Sprayers

  • February 15, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Telly,

    Very informative post.
    Love the layout of it and especially the “Table of Contents” with links to help navigate your post.
    Love the use of photos and your menu layout on the top is very user friendly.

    When I click on the link in your above “Pros and Cons” paragraph it takes me to another post where in the Table of contents, No 3 is missing. Have a look.

    With regards to the liquid fertilizer you use, does it not block the nozzle of the sprayers? Do you use special larger nozzles or is the fertilizer thin enough?

    Kind regards


    • February 16, 2020 at 12:48 am

      Thank you for the helpful tips and I’m glad you like my website.In regard of the liquid fertilizer some can clog your sprayers but most won’t if you add enough water to your fertilizer you shouldn’t have a problem.Thanks


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