The Best Lawn Is a Bio-stimulant Lawn

I know mostly everyone desire a beautiful lawn there are different path ways to obtain a decent lawn but if you want a prestige lawn there only one main way,that’s get your soil right and one way is with bio-stimulant they will improve your soil structure over time without too much hard work like using compost.

The best lawn is a bio-stimulant lawn definitely.

Great Soil

Bio-stimulant creates some of the best soil you can want.You have humic acid ,which is a high carbon organic material that come from the coal mines that are broken down to granular or liquid.They help everything work together as a great bonding agent.You also have other things like seaweed kelp that is awesome for root development.Seaweed kelp comes from the ocean,seaweed is basically a plant that grew under water about the only plant that did.Scientist figured out how to use it for plants not in water.Liquid aeration is another great creation , instead of using a core aeration that cost more money and give you hard work to do using natural products from our planet and science created a great organic product that loosen a compacted soil and make nutrients and water easily for the soil to take you without the use of a machine. Bio-stimulants are created for every purpose to improve your soil structure into black gold , yes you can use compost instead but you will spend more money and get an extremely back breaking workout that you will not get using bio-stimulant.

Great Roots

Bio-stimulant will give you great root development , there no question about it the seaweed kelp mixed with humic acid and fulvic will give you the roots you want that can withstand disease and drought and heat.

The main reason for good root development is seaweed kelp, seaweed is a plant that lives and thrive in the ocean that was taken and used for other plants to help root development and drought tolerant.

Its amazing what science can do.

Good Nutrient Uptake

Bio stimulant is also great for great nutrients uptake by using humic acid and fulvic acid which makes everything thing else you put out very effective like fertilizer, liquid iron fungus preventive to name a few things.They can make your fertilizer last longer in the soil to give you a longer green up color for weeks.

Your irrigation weather it’s from your system or Mother Nature will be better and flow through your soil and keep your soil moist for days. Therefore keeping your plants hydrated proving a bio-stimulant lawn is the best lawn.

Tolerant Resistance

The best lawn is a bio-stimulant lawn because of the unbelievable drought resistance because of these great products used, they will make your watering more efficient.Also they will improve heat stress and keep your lawn going strong in the summer.

Great Color

Your lawn and plants will have great color because of all the goodness you will be applying to your landscape throughout the whole growing season and don’t be surprise if your lawn look good the winter season also .

Save Money On Water Bill

Want to save money on your water bill use bio-stimulant things like liquid lawn aeration will open up a compacted soil and fixed a waterlogged lawn or garden so the water can go down faster and easier like magic.

You will notice your using less water on your lawn and landscaping, therefore saving money on your water bill. Every bio-stimulant products does its job to help this process of using less water they all work together


The best lawn is a bio-stimulant lawn. Ive gave the reason why I think that, this is the most cost effective way to get your soil right.

Plus this will save you back breaking work using compost and throwing it in your yard with a wheelbarrow and shovel or paying someone a ton of money doing it for you.

When you can just use bio-stimulants,they can be used every two to three weeks or monthly,most of the products are organic so it will not hurt your landscaping the only thing I will say is read the label and follow it remember the label is the law.

You do all these things you will have the best lawn flower beds ,vegetable garden, potted plants or any type of garden it really doesn’t matter.

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