Should I Water After Applying Liquid Fertilizer?

I get questions all the time about should I water after applying liquid fertilizer to my lawn or plants.

The quick answer is it depends on the situation.If it’s a foliage feed I would say no you want the plant or your lawn to take up as many nutrients that the liquid fertilizer has to offer.

Also,you can say yes if your not trying to do a foliar feed you just want the fertilizer to get to the soil so the soil can feed the plants all the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients it can.

So that’s a yes and no answer in this article I’m going go over when it’s beneficial to water your plants after fertilizing and when it’s not beneficial.

Also,How much water do you need after you apply liquid fertilizer on your plants and lawns.


When To Water Or Not To Water

It all truly depends like I said if you was using liquid fertilizer on your lawn it would depends on your goal if you was trying to get a great foliage feed you would not water until 6 to 24 hours.

A lot goes in effect for that reason if the liquid fertilizer was a nice low nitrogen blend with a lot of micro nutrients you can let it sit on your lawn for 24 hours no problem before you water because your really not concern with it burning your grass blades and the grass blades would really uptake the liquid fertilizer and do wonders for your lawn.

On the other hand if the liquid fertilizer was a much higher nitrogen fertilizer I would probably lead more to watering right after you put the liquid fertilizer on your lawn because there a good chance it will burn your grass and you defiantly don’t want that your yard would look a mess.

When it comes to plants like flowers I would water right after I fertilizer because you will burn your flowering plants for sure.

Trees and bushes could be similar to lawns it all depends on the nitrogen content if it’s a low nitrogen content then it can sit on there for a while.

If it’s a high nitrogen I would water so the roots can uptake the nitrogen content because there could be a risk of burning your leaves it also depends on what kind of trees and bushes.

For example an Azalea leaves would burn easy compared to a holly bush so you have to do some research on the plant your using in your landscape to see if it’s okay to foliar feed and how long and how much liquid nitrogen would damage it.


How Much Water Do You Need

Depending on the reasoning, if you was doing a foliage feed when you do water you would need about a quarter of inch of water.

So around 15 to 20 minutes in each zones should be suffice because your just trying to rinse off fertilizer from your plants and grass blades.

When using a higher nitrogen fertilizer you would water longer because the fertilizer will probably be a higher nitrogen.

So you want to give that a deep soaking in your soil and in effect the soil will take in all the nutrients and give your plants or lawns a good feeding.

Different Method Same Outcome

Should I water after applying liquid fertilizer?When it’s all said and done either way water after you fertilizer or wait a little while you will get the same results in the long run as long you use the best liquid fertilizer possible.

Your objective could be to really give your plants a really good feeding so you might want the best liquid fertilizer for flowers.Therefore you would water quickly so there would be known burn.

Or your objective could be to give a great foliage feeding to your plants or lawn then you would let it sit for a while and you would get the same result’s either way just depends on your prefence



Both ways will get the job done it just about the situation,choose the wrong situation it could be a disaster.Choose wisely and your plants and lawns will love you for it and take care of you for sure for years to come

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