Should I Use Liquid Fertilizer On Pastures

I always get questions about fertilizing lawns or plants. But the other day one of my friends who grew up on a farm ask me should I use liquid fertilizer on pastures.

Absolutely yes it’s very cost effective and stretches a long way on an acre basis. It ‘takes less time compared to using granular fertilizer and it’s also great on crops.

You can mix weed killers with it, to be even more effective and of course it helps your pastures and crops grow. In return feeding animals and insects with an abundance of food which is a great thing for steady growing pastures maybe not so great on your crops.

I’m going dive into the answer a little more so there won’t be any confusion.

Why Use Liquid Fertilizer On Pastures

Liquid fertilizer or granular both would do a great job feeding your pastures. Liquid is simple all you have to do is mix and use a boom sprayer and spray your pasture.

A simple solution for spraying a very large area, you can also mix different micros and macros nutrients to your fertilizer to make it even more effective.

Taking a soil test is the best way to know what your pastures would need. Just add whatever you need to the fertilizer that’s another reason why you should use fertilizer on your pastures.

Very Cost Effective Compared to Granular

Liquid fertilizer are very cost effective compared to granular you’re adding water as a carrier to your fertilizer making the coverage better while keeping it more concentrated.

You can use as much water as you want for even coverage as long as the nitrogen amount your trying to target is correct.

Water is free that’s the main reason why you should use liquid fertilizer on your pasture compared to granular.

You should be able to save hundreds of dollars using less time which takes us to next topic.

Takes Less Time

Time is money when your a farmer or a (cattle) owner, try to use granular and see what happens your going have to water which would cost a lot of money unless you use well water or you will have to wait for mother nature which can cause another problem “can you say drought”

There is a wait time for the granular pellets to dissolve making the feeding of the pasture take even longer.

With liquid fertilizer there an instant feeding of your pasture and crops. Your pasture would be very happy in a matter of a few hours because of the foliage feeding, keeping your pastures a crops growing constantly.

Feeds The Animals

Another great thing about liquid fertilizer on a pasture is simply you’re feeding your animals on a constant basis because your pastures are growing regular as long as you stay on a fertilizer schedule.

Your cattle will eat plenty and they will be healthier and making you more money why you save money it’s a win, win situation when it comes to using liquid fertilizers.

When dealing with a (cattle) they also eat weeds which are good for them because of all the protein and calcium they have, so fertilizing them will help them grow also like pastures.

Cows will produce more milk because their healthier, there eating more that’s another reason why you should use liquid fertilizer.


Using liquid fertilizer on pastures is the way to go it does not matter if you have crops, also it’s the best economical way to save cost while getting the same or better performance, if you was just using granular fertilizer.

It quicker get your job done and moving on to something else. You can add your weed killers, pre emergent, Humic acid sea kelp and pesticide all at the same time something you can not do with granular fertilizer.

You’re feeding your animals in a safe environment also, once you put the liquid fertilizer out it dries very quickly and goes straight to the plant and the soil. Your animals will be back out there in the field in no time.

No doubt people might disagree with me that’s fine but for me I definitely think that liquid fertilizer is the way to go for my money literary. Please if you have any question or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment it will be my pleasure to respond to you.

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