Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizer-Neptune Harvest Turf Formula Review


Hello everyone I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I’m having a very relaxing weekend not doing a darn thing. Just spending time with the family. Well today I want to talk about organic liquid lawn fertilizer.

I know this is a very important topic to a lot of people who want to keep everything safe for their kids and pets and I understand whole heartily that’s why I want to give everybody out their some great options when it comes to liquid fertilizer. So Let’s begin.

Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula 2-0-2

Specifically designed for use on turf grass. It will provide necessary nutrients for tolerating environmental conditions such as high temperature and drought, while offering improved vigor, color and root density.

Made with fresh North Atlantic fish and seaweed, I recommend using Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula for all of your outdoors need if you want.

Neptune’s Harvest is based out of the New England, Massachusetts area. All of their products are fish based from the North Atlantic ocean.

Turf Formula is more than a liquid lawn fertilizer it’s ingredient are as followed Hydrolyzed Fish, Molasses, Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Humate, and Yucca Extract.


It comes in a gallon jug or a 5-gallon pail. Like any liquid fertilizer you have to shake it very well before you use it.

Use 1 Pint per 1,000 square feet, every month during growing season. It can also be used on flowers, trees, shrubs and it can also qualify for best organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables.

You would use 1oz per gallon of water on anything else except your lawn.

You can use a pump up sprayer but I would use a hose-end sprayer it would get the job done faster. It took me know time to do my yard which is 5500 square feet.

You just fill how much you need in your hose-end sprayer and set it at 1 or 2 oz and spray your grass, take your time and make sure you get all of your grass blade wet to runoff it’s that simple could not be easier.

One last thing a gallon jug of turf formula covers 8000 square feet and a 5-gallon pail covers 40,000 square feet. That is close to an 1 acre so that one could last you a whole season if you have an 5000 square feet yard which is the average yard in America that’s a fun fact. See the description down below for the pump up sprayer and the hose-end sprayer I recommended.            

My Thoughts

Organic fertilizer are a great option for a safe environment without any question. I like organic products at least some of them, the problem usually with organic product particularly organic fertilizer is they take some time to work in your landscape because they feed the soil in return the soil feeds the plants and that can take a week to three weeks depending on the situation of your yard.

The key is when you have your yard to where you like it then it’s easy to maintain using organic fertilizer. If your yard is a mess it would take a long time for organic to get your landscape looking great that’s why I believe in using both chemical and organic to speed up the process.

When you get your yard to where you want it to be then you can go all organic.that’s my two sense in it.

Very Impressive

Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula is a dynamite organic liquid lawn fertilizer. No question about it. Astonished is the word I’m looking for when I saw the color my grass was it’s easy to use it’s a very mild formula has a little nitrogen but it does it ‘s job getting your lawn nice and green.

It takes five to seven days for you to see results, because of the feeding your soil first then the soil feeds the plant, but once it on, my goodness it’s a beautiful color.

There also a lot of micro nutrients in this fertilizer with it being organic and it’s OMRI listed which stand for Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, nonprofit organization that determines whether a product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program, so you don’t have to worry at all with this product not being 100% organic.

The only downside with Turf formula 2-0-2 is the smell it has a strong fish smell that last a day or so. If you think that’s going be an issue then stay away from it, but I can tell you it’s not a big deal it only lasts for a day the next day when you go outside you will not smell it and you will be on your way to a beautiful green lawn if you followed the directions on the label.


Well all I can say is this is a fantastic organic liquid lawn fertilizer. Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula 2-0-2 out did their self with this product it’s an excellent fertilizer like all their other liquid products them people up in new England know how to make liquid fertilizer that’s for sure.

The packaging that the fertilizer was in great shape package nice and tight, know leakage at all in any of the products I’ve got from them their wonderful company to deal with they take pride in their job you can just tell from their products that the customer is very important to them and I can respect that.

I was using Neptune’s Harvest products for 3 years and I can say every fertilizer is not created equal their products always give you awesome results.

I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an organic approach to get their lawn to where it supposes to be, hell I recommend them to someone who’s not all organic it’s better than some chemical liquid fertilizer on the market, now that’s saying a something.

I’m gonna leave you with these words YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY USING THIS ORGANIC LIQUID LAWN FERTILIZER. If you have any question or comment don’t hesitate to leave them.



Great Product-Excellent Color

Easy to Mix-Easy to Use

Outstanding lasting color-4 weeks


Smell Bad-For a Day

Takes Time to Work- Five to Seven Days


2 thoughts on “Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizer-Neptune Harvest Turf Formula Review

  • March 19, 2020 at 11:44 am

    We have a lawn service and they do a great job, but they do not use organic and that really does concern me since I don’t like the idea of putting more chemicals into the ground. the problem is I have used ‘organic’ services before and they really didn’t do anything for my lawn. But maybe the companies I have used didn’t have the right product. Seeing the picture of your lawn makes me want to try again!

    But will this product kill weeds and crabgrass too, or will I need another product for that?

    • March 19, 2020 at 2:57 pm

      Thanks for your interest.I would do a hybrid program that’s the best of both worlds using organics and chemicals and when you get your landscape where you want it switch over to all organics.If your doing all chemicals and try to switch to all organics it will never work because your yard is addicted to chemicals like an addict.Organics by it’s self will take forever to see results but it’s possible if you got 2 to 3 years but if you want quicker results do a hybrid program.Neptune Turf Formula will not kill weeds are crabgrass you need a pre emergent and weedkillers to get rid of them in the immediate future.Over time turf formula will choke out weed and crab grass if you continue using.


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