Liquid Fertilizer Label What Do It Mean

I was looking over my lawn care products and start looking at the back of some of my liquid fertilizer packages and bottles and thought I would go over the label.

So a liquid fertilizer label. What do it mean this is a great chance for me to dive into some numbers and the meaning of them and some ingredients that are in them to make that wonderful looking grass that we so desire.

First were going go over why do we have a label and why we have to follow the label because it’s the law, and what’s on the label and ultimately following these directions will make for a better lawn and landscape.

Why Do We Have Labels On Our Fertilizer Products

There a big reason why we have labels on our liquid fertilizer products are any lawn care products. It’s the same reason we have labels on our food products or any other non related products.

Simple they give a sense of guidance or direction to what the products does and how to use the product without that none of these products would work correctly.

For example if you sprayed liquid fertilizer or spread granular fertilizer blindly not reading the label or paying attention to the label your lawn or plants would probably die.

Therefore reading the liquid fertilizer labels is very important.and like similar any other lawn care product is important to read.


Label Is The Law 

The other reason is label is the law you can get in some deep trouble if you get caught not being responsible how you use liquid fertilizer.

Every product is not organic some products are chemicals and they can do some damage in our water streams, certainly our lakes, rivers,ocean and creeks don’t need that pollution either.

But make no mistake every organic fertilizer and organic product does not need to be used irresponsible they can do damage, also to your water streams.

Also knowing what’s in your liquid fertilizer is important to you.

What if god forbidden you get something in your eye and get rushed to the hospital the doctor would like to know what’s in your eye and reading the label is the only way to know that.

Lastly read the label plain and simple if it’s a product your used too it’s good to read it again if it’s a brand new bag or bottle and it’s a new year companies update their products yearly with new guidelines.

What’s On The Label

N stand for nitrogen, P stands for phosphorus, and K stands for potassium there the main ingredient you see on the label there considered the macros in the liquid fertilizer.

You also might have some micro nutrients included in your liquid fertilizer also like iron,Zinc,copper,baron,manganese and some other products.

The label should tell you were all the Macros and micros nutrient come from like the nitrogen could be an urea or ammonium sulfate or another nitrogen materiel.

Also another example is iron could come from cheated iron the ferrous sulfate and iron sulfate or iron EDTA and the label will tell you which ones in your fertilizer.

The Label will give you step by step directions on how to use the product in this case would be liquid fertilizer if it need to be agitated our shake well.

The application rate how much of the liquid fertilizer you should use per gallon or per ounces depends on the what the liquid fertilizer label says.

What kind of sprayer you need to use rather it’s a hose-end sprayer a pump up sprayer, boom sprayer or watering can it all depends on the label.

When to use the fertilizer when not to use it. How to storage it every possible thing you need to know is on the label.

Follow Directions

Ultimately you have to follow directions plain and simple that’s going give you the best outcome. More is not always best especially when your dealing with lawns or landscapes they take time to become beautiful it does not happen overnight.

I’ts like anything else you can’t rush success not following direction on the label could be detrimental to your lawn put too much you could damage your lawn don’t’t put enough you will not see results.

So following directions is the only way your going see results and some trail and error you have to use your best judgment and experiment but defiantly follow directions.


We all have to do our part in this big world be responsible for the environment and your kids so they can have a better future.

read the liquid fertilizer label make it easy on yourself and have the best lawn you can have nothing guarantee but you will be in the right direction and if anything else the label is the law. If you have any question or comments leave them at the bottom I would appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Liquid Fertilizer Label What Do It Mean

  • February 23, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    Great article, it is very important to always read the label to ensure you are using the right product on your lawn for better results thank you for this information it was very helpful.

    • February 24, 2020 at 10:18 pm

      Thank you and yes it’s very important to read the label because it’s the law you break it there could be a problem.


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