Is There A Best Time To Fertilize The Lawn

It’s getting closer and closer to the time when we will be out in our lawns.Do you live like me in the Midwest.Ir it could be a little longer up north, the people down south or west already having fun in their landscape.

I can’t wait to get out and put some fresh liquid fertilizer on my beautiful lawn.

This makes wonderful question is their the best time to fertilize the lawn.


The answer is quite simple and that is yes. It all depends on the weather is it hot or windy, is it about to rain. What about the time of the day is it morning, noon,or night. What kind of fertilizer is it, granular or liquid.

All of these condition determine the best time to fertilize the lawn. I will go more in full discussion on this topic.


What’s The Weather Conditions

Before you determine the best time to fertilize the lawn you need to known what the weather is like. Is it hot and sunny outside.or windy is rain in the forecast is it a nice soaking rain or a flooding type rain.

When it’s a beautiful day outside then the weather will have known effect on you fertilizing you will be in what we call perfect condition weather.

Don’t be too hot outside liquid fertilizer will not do well in that type of effect. What if it’s windy outside you will not have any luck fertilizing you will not have accurate coverage in those condition.

Lastly rainy weather could be a good thing or a bad thing. We love when it rains after we put fertilizer down it helps soak the fertilizer into our soil perfectly.

But what if it’s too much rain it would all wash away and not be helpful at all and we would be wasting money because you would have to reapply. And we don’t want that.

What’s The Time Off Day

What the rime of the day is it morning time that’s a good time to fertilizer you can do it when the morning dew is still on the grass blades and the grass blade pores are still open.

Noon time is okay time to fertilizer on an overcast or cool day, if it’s too hot and humid I would stay away from that time. It’s too much stress on your grass and you of course, so that’s the least favorite time to fertilize.

Evening time is a terrific time to fertilize especially liquid fertilizer the fertilizer can sit on the grass blade all night while the grass blade pores just suck in all the goodness of the fertilizer.

What Kind Of Fertilizer You Have

Do you have granular or liquid fertilizer. Granular can be applied just about anytime any weather condition as long as you water it in.

But note if you fertilize with a granular in morning time you may need to water immediately because a lot of the fertilizer will stick to your grass blade because of the morning dew and that could burn your grass blade if your not careful or you have a high content nitrogen fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer cannot be applied in any weather condition if it’s over 90 degrees I would not fertilize some people even say don’t fertilizer if it’s over 85 degrees. Morning time would be good to fertilize a liquid fertilizer you would need to use a surfacant to help the fertilizer stick to the grass blade because of the morning dew and in the morning time it should not be that hot so it’s a great time. Evening time is the best time to use a liquid fertilizer bar none the sun will have settled and the temperature should have dropped and your grass blade will begin to rest and open their pores.therefore the liquid fertilizer can stay on your lawn all night and be watered in tomorrow it’s a perfect time.

Different Condition Equeals Different Outcomes

Fertilizing at these different times could give you different outcomes your lawn might not respond the way you thought, it would and the whether conditions can be the cause of all the reason your lawn turns brown or doesn’t get green as you would like it.

You have to look at these different conditions.And use the best timing that works for you. We all have busy schedule,so we have to work smarter and use the mother nature to out advantage instead of thinking she’s going rain on are parade.

Some chemicals or organic products that are in fertilizer respond in a weird type of way compared to the temperatures and effects outside.

So you have to find what works better for you I always say their not one specific way of doing something, what works for me might not work for you but I will say if you follow these guidelines you will exactly known the best time to fertilize the lawn.


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