How to improve drainage clay soil

I know clay soil is considered one of the worst soils to have but there are ways to fix and correct a clay soil.

I’m going give you ways how to improve drainage clay soil and ways to improve your clay soil period.

The simple answer is organic matter is the easy way to improve your clay soil it will take some time but it will be worth it in the end.

The good thing is there are much easier ways to improve your clay soil that many people do not know about and it doesn’t have to do with composting. Humic acid and fulvic is a must to improve your clay soul.

Another thing grass clipping there easiest simplest thing you can use because your just cutting your grass.Anther thing is plant material from trimming your plants up like your bushes and hedges our flowers at the beginning of spring, just put thin back on your lawn.

Another thing is organic fertilizers they are great to add organic materials to your soil.Lastly is chicken feed it’s an awesome organic product that will feed your microbes like crazy and the best thing about it is it’s cheap.

I’m going go much more in depth of how to improve drainage clay soil or any soil for that matter.

Organic matter

Organic matter is what everyone should desire when it come s to having great soil period there are different ways to add organic material to your soil.Its not a difficult task to add organic soil to your lawn or garden some of the things you have automatically in your landscaping and to throw away and put in the landfill would be horrible and you would definitely miss the boat.

Humic acid and fulvic Acid

Are hundreds of years of organic products In mines and caves and there humic acid and fulvic. The things they do for your garden is simple amazing there so many advantages of using these products there’s ridiculously too many pros than cons.)

Grass clippings

Grass clippings is the simplest way to put organic matter back in your lawn by simply mulch mowing your lawn.When you mulch mow your grass clippings break down to fine grass that decay right back in your soil to actually fertilize your existing grass it’s a simple process that’s can replace the use of fertilizer by 20 percent if you’re regularly doing itp.

Plant material from trimmings

Plant material is a great way to improve a drainage clay soil.

When your drumming your bushes like boxwood or any type of shrub you can but the leave on your lawn and mulch mow them.

You can do the exact same thing for trees I,if the branch are to thick throw them out if there small you can mulch them.

Flowers can be the same way trim clean them up put them in your lawn and mulch them.Potted plants can be done that way also ,just make sure there are no disease parts of the plant you putting out in your landscaping that could cause a problem.

Chicken feed

Chicken feed is an all organic product that is used to feed chicken an it is made from whole wheat different grains and corn it is very nutritional for chickens and very nutritional for our soils because it will feed the microbes like crazy and most importantly it is very cheap.You can get a 50 pound bag from here or your feed store.

You it on your garden and lawn once a month and over time you will definitely loosen up that hard clay soil that your worms will love.


If you can accomplish having a ton of earth worms in your soil you will probably be going or in the right direction.

Earth worms or a good sign of a lot of good organic matter all through your lawn.Its not uncommon to have a few earthworms in your landscaping but if you have massive amounts from big long ones to the baby ones you’re doing great and your doing all the great fundamentals things you suppose to be doing.

Earthworms job in your soil is to eat dead and live organic material and then take a poop in your soil and leave all the goodness to improve your soil structure.Then your plants should be growing and blossoming.


All these products and practices will improve drainage clay soil but the most important thing is they will improve any type of soil from a clay soil to a sandy soil to just a miss used soil that been bad for years, these things will most certainly get your soil were you want and need it at, it will take some time it will not happen overnight, so just keep that in mind it could take a couple of years to longer so just understand that Rome was not built in a day.

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