How long does it take grass to recover from a fertilizer burn?

Okay you made a grave mistake and your lawn looks terrible.

You added too much fertilizer to some parts of your lawn accidentally or your dog urine on your nice green looking lawn,so the next question is…

How long does it take grass to recover from a fertilizer burn?

It’s can take 5 days to a few weeks depending on the grass type the temperature outside and how bad the fertilizer burn is.

Were going go over how long it take grass to recover from fertilizer burn.

How bad is the damage

When you make a accident or a mistake a lot of time you have to sit back and wait for the damage in this case unfortunately that’s what you going have to do.

You will never know what the damage will look like when it happen.

You can do what you can do to try to fix the problem so it want be as bad as it could be.

Therefore this is the first step in recovery of your fertilizer burn.

Saturated The Fertilizer Burn

You can help grass recover time watering your lawn or soil that been tainted with too much fertilizer.

It will drive the fertilizer way down in the ground depending how much and you Been saturated your fertilizer burn area.the more you water the more it goes down past the root.

Also how soon you begin to water.You have to start immediately to have a chance to minimize the damage.

What is the grass type

The grass type makes a difference also if you bur a grass with stolons and like Bermuda, Zoysia ,St.Augustine,Kentucky Bluegrass they could recover much faster than other grass types.

Turf type tall fescue ,perennial rye-grass use tillers it’s not as aggressive as stolen so it could take longer to recover.

Add some grass seeds

This will apply to mostly cool season grasses and this is worst case scenario.

If you have big bare spot out all over it may be a good time to add grass seed to thicken everything up.

Warm season grass don’t need any grass seed because they reproduce their-self.

What is the climate like

If you have perfect weather the recover time will be faster.

Cool season grass will fill in much faster with temperatures in the 60,s and 70,s.

Warm season grasses will need temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s to fill in at maximum rates.

If the temperatures are cooler with respectful grasses it will take much longer..

Add soil amendments

Adding soil amendments will definitely speed up the recover time.

Soil amendments like Humic Acid will build the burn area soil to make your grass grow and fill in.

Compost will do the same adding all that goodness will encourage your grass to grow and spread.

Also of course you can use fertilizer that will feed your grass and plants will enjoy the meal while getting bigger and healthier.

Wait It Takes Time

All this takes time to recover from a fertilizer burn,you can’t really rush it you can try to speed up things that’s about it.

Every fertilizer burn depends on so many factors that I stated it’s difficult to pinpoint a exact time frame when it will fill in.

Some damage in s not bad at all maybe your grass turns a little lighter color,well in no time that will turn back green or you can cut some off and when your grass grows all green grass will grow.

That will take less time compared to a full burned grass.


I’m confident if you follow these steps you will minimize your grass disaster that you was so worried about.

Its part of learning and making mistakes ,even your novice make them kind of mistakes
You will probably never here about them but they do.

I have had fertilizer burn before that’s how I know how long it take grass to recover from fertilizer burn.

If you have any questions please leave them down below.

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