How Long Does It Take For Liquid Fertilizer To Dry?

Liquid Fertilizer is one of the best fertilizer you can use on your landscape and lawn. One question I get a lot is how long does it take for liquid fertilizer to dry?

This is a simple but complex question but I will make it simple as I can.

Depending on the amount of water you use as a carrier to help the fertilizer coverage it can take 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Also does the liquid fertilizer have a surfactant or any oil based product in it that will make the liquid fertilizer take even longer to dry. What’s the temperature outside if it’s cool it will take a while if it’s dry it will dry faster, we will go a little in detail of how all this work.

How Much Water Did You Use

One of the controlling reason of how long it can take for fertilizer to dry is the amount of water you use as a carrier.

Of course if you use less water wile you’re spraying out your liquid fertilizer it will take a shorter period to dry. If you use more water to help spray it out too your lawn it will take a lot longer maybe up to 2 hours or even longer.

The Time can vary also with how much water you used to mix your fertilizer before you spray it out. You may use a full 5 gallon buckets to mix to the max water with your liquid fertilizer and spray it out over your 5000 square feet lawn.

Or you could use the same amount of liquid fertilizer that you used in the above example and used 2 gallons of water instead of 5 gallons and spread it over the same 5000 square feet lawn and it would take a shorter period compared to using 5 gallons of water to mix the fertilizer.

What’s In The Liquid Fertilizer

What’s in the liquid fertilizer is their any oil based products in their like a surfactant this is included in some liquid fertilizer to help liquid fertilizer stick to the grass blades.

There are certain type of fertilizer that have natural oils in their liquid fertilizer like liquid fish fertilizer have natural fish proteins and beneficial oil and collagen they would take longer to dry on your lawn and landscape.

Some use ammonium sulfate which is a semi oil type of fertilizer, when mix with water it can take longer to dry compared to urea fertilizer.

Also some like ammonium nitrate, super phosphate and potassium sulfate are made using petroleum and fossil fuel in their fertilizer.That’s the reason why some synthetic fertilizer are flammable.



Mother Nature Can Make A Difference

Temperature can also make a difference in drying time if its very cool outside it can take forever for liquid fertilizer to dry any temperature from say 45 degrees to 60 degrees can take hours to dry depending on how much water you used.

What about when it’s hot outside, it’s the total opposite it can dry very quickly any temperature ranging from 80 degrees to the 90s can dry very quickly.

Is the sun out or not.

If the sun is out it will definitely dry much quicker, especially if it’s hot outside.

If the sun is not out it can take a lot later to dry. There are many variations when dealing with mother nature she has her own sets of rules.

Lastly It Can Take Hours To Dry

How long does it take for liquid fertilizer to dry can take hours to dry depending on all the situation I stated. Or it can take less than an hour. It all depend on science and the timing can come down to your best judgment.

Therefore,if you spray liquid fertilizer on your own terms it does’t have to take a long time to dry. Say for instance you have a BBQ at 3:00pm sharp but you want to cut your grass and fertilizer your lawn and want to make sure it’s dry by time of the BBQ.

You will have to plan accordingly or do it the day before. Either way you dictate when and how it goes down and it should not be much of a problem if you take the right steps. I hope I went over everything as clear as possible if you have any questions you can leave them down below.


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