How Do You Treat Fertilizer Burns?

This is the second part of the fertilizer burn topic.In the last article we talked about what is a fertilizer burn in this post we’re going go over how do you treat fertilizer burn?It’s pretty easy you have to water your mistake in again and again consecutive days that’s the bottom line.Were gonna dice a little more deep in the discussion so you can have a clear understanding.


Granular Spill

A granular spill is probably the most difficult to stop from having a fertilizer burn.

If you have an accident it would be in your best interest to get the spilled up the best you.its not an easy feat especially on the lawn.

Digging in between grass blade to try to pick up fertilizer is a tough task and if you have a thick lawn it’s damn near impossible,but do the best you can .

If you have a shop vac that would make your job easier and give you better results.Granular fertilizer spill in your garden beds are easier because you can did around the plant and dig up some of the soil with it.

Nothing should restrict you from getting most of the fertilizer unless you have a jam packed flower garden then it could be a little difficult.

Liquid Spill

Liquid Spill are definitely easier because you can correct the problem as soon as possible with some H20.

The key to a liquid spill is the timing if you can react to the mistake immediately you can probably fix the damage if you wait you will burn your plants without any questions timing is the key.

Liquid fertilizer that are high in salt and nitrogen can’t have a delayed response because there giving your plants a foliage feeding almost immediately.

Slow release and Quick Release

There are two kind of fertilizer slow release and quick release.

All you need to know is there compared to just how there stated one fertilizer is slow release nitrogen and the other is quicker lead of course quick release is more dangerous when we talk about fertilizer burn,so even if you water immediately it’s an possibility you can still have damage.

Slow release results could be better because it release nitrogen a little at a time.On the downside you might not see a fertilizer burn until much longer,so it could still be damage done.


I know I say it all the time but water is king and this saying is important as ever in this situation.

After you tried all you can to get the fertilizer up from the accident you or someone made your next and only option is to water the area at reckless abandon.You want to put inches and inches of water on the messed up area and rinse and repeat literally for a few days at the most to try to minimize the damage that could occur.

Make sure you wash out all the unwanted fertilizer through and past the soil were it goes past all it’s roots so it don’t have a chance to burn it’s roots are grass.

Hopefully It Recovers

Hopefully there minimal damage to your plants,you can never tell until maybe a few day or week the grass starts to turn yellow or brown or you might get lucky and it might turn a lighter green and return to it’s regular color later in the week .

Or you might not have any damage at all because you got out and was super proactive and after you made the mistake you got as much of the fertilizer up and start watering instantly that’s the best case scenario you can hope for.

The crazy thing about it you can do all the things I tell you to do and you still get a fertilizer burn it’s a crap-shoot .


Do you want to know how to treat fertilizer burn theses are some of the most common since way I know of,sure they have some soil amendments that you can buy to help clean your soil after a accident like a fertilizer burn but it’s not guarantee and you would have to search the internet to find products like that and they still might not work.

These practice I’m talking about works and they don’t cost anything except for a shop vac and you really might not need that if you water like I said do.Its not difficult to treat a fertilizer burn if you act fast.

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