Concentrated Liquid Lawn Fertilizer-Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Recipe

Hello again to all my liquid lawn friends. This week were going talk about concentrated liquid lawn fertilizer. This is where all the fertilizer or broken down and forms and bonds into a liquid with water, I also have a treat I’m going give you a great homemade liquid fertilizer recipe that I used to this day on my lawn, my flower beds and its very easy to make and and its cost effective as well.

All Liquid Fertilizer

They come from a granular form that can be broken down when mix with water. The more nitrogen you add the more potent the fertilizer can be. You can make your concentrated liquid lawn tailored made the way you want it that’s the great thing about liquid fertilizer especially the homemade lawn fertilizer recipe.

You can add things like iron, potassium, phosphorus,humic acid,kelp,fulvic acid, this list goes on and on. It’s up to what you want in your fertilizer, but I would tell you to add what your lawn needs, so for that you would need to take a soil test. You don’t really want to add things you don’t need that could be a waste of money and could do more harm than good.


Mixing liquid fertilizer is pretty easy and does not take long at need is a 5 gallon bucket or a smaller bucket like a two gallon bucket, depending on the size of your yard and how much fertilizer you will have to make. You could also use a 1 gallon milk carton to mix all your fertilizer in it and put the top on and mix away.

Use a paint mixer if your using a 5 gallon bucket with a drill gun to mix your homemade lawn fertilizer and of course some gloves are very important so you want get anything on your hand and some old cloths that you used to do yard work around the house and shoes you don’t want to mess up some good pair of shoes your wife would not be happy with you unless your single then do what you want.

You will need an oil funnel and some measuring cups and measuring table and teaspoons and you really need a small weight scale because different products need to be measured by ounces most of the time or by teaspoon or tablespoon, so a little math is involved but and its not difficult at all we will get into that stuff in a later post.


When you mix liquid fertilizer it need to be used in 24 hours are it loses some of and its strength. The thing about liquid fertilizer is it can be put down in the morning or evening for best results. I put it out whenever I can and, have had great results. I try not to put any liquid fertilizer out in the blistering heat say 85 and up on a sunny day.

Them are the days you want to put it out in morning or evening, water the next morning or 6 to 8 hours after application to let the fertilizer get absorbed in the grass blades. As long and its not in late evening because you don’t want that water to sit on your grass that will bring a host of other problems. Can you say fungus that will destroy a lawn I have seen it happen up live and in person.

With that said you have to definitely water your grass after you put liquid fertilizer down in the time I explained because there is a possibility it could burn your grass, so be careful.

Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Recipe

This is a recipe I made up from trial and error. I tested different ingredients in this recipe and I think this is the best and its simple to make and it will give you results, and and its budget friendly as well.

1. You will need ammonium sulfate it is an inorganic salt, the most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.

The sulfur is great if you have a high pH but it won’t affect a lower pH too much unless and its low like around 6 then you will probably need to add lime to your soil to help bring your pH up. You will need the water soulable kind not the granular.       CLICK HERE FOR AMMONIUM SULFATE

1a. You will mix 3oz to 4oz per 1000 square feet. Example if you have a 5000 square feet yard you would mix 15oz for 3oz and 20oz for 4oz square feet.

2. You will need liquid iron and its what make your grass that very dark green color that will make your neighbor envy of you.       CLICK HERE FOR LIQUID IRON

2a You would need 1/2 cup for every 2500 square feet so 5000 square feet would be 1 cup and so on of liquid iron.

3.Humic Acid is soluble humate powder (soluble salts of humic acids) is potassium humate powder that acts a natural soil and plant growth stimulant. It opens the soil up so your fertilizer your water or whatever product you use in your soil help it is more effective.         CLICK HERE FOR HUMIC ACID

3a. You will mix 1oz every 250 to 500 square feet so that will equal out to 4oz to 2oz every 1000 square feet. Example 5000 square feet would be 10oz to 20oz depending on the rate you use.

4. The beauty of this homemade lawn fertilizer, is and its so versatile since and its a concentrated liquid lawn fertilizer.

You can mix other things to it like fungicide, pesticide, weed killer, weed preventer all at the same time and get everything done in one swoop that the great thing about using liquid products.

That’s the simple base fertilizer recipe for my homemade liquid lawn. You should apply it every two to three weeks using a hose-end sprayer or a pump-up sprayer and you should have excellent results. I sprayed my buddy’s yard with it and this was his results by fall I started in early spring. His yard got so thick it just choked all the weeds out.



Use warm or hot water to mix the ammonium sulfate, liquid iron and humic acid. You would add about a gallon or two of water to your 5 gallon bucket then add all the ingredient for the homemade lawn fertilizer recipe.

Then you would add a little more water maybe a gallon or two, it does not matter the water isn’t super important when you mixing, you only need a little to help you spread it over your lawn.

The watering of your lawn after you put the fertilizer out is more important or if mother nature is around the corner that’s even better to get the fertilizer in the soil to help feed your lawn That’s the most important part of the process because you could “I repeat: you could burn your yard.

Maybe you don’t want to do it every 2 weeks that is fine you can do it monthly that’s okay, you might want to add another ounce of ammonium sulfate to every 1000 square feet of your lawn, making the feed and the color of your lawn last a little longer.

It would be in your best interest to defiantly water your concentrated liquid lawn fertilizer quicker than you would, if you use extra ammonium sulfate,2 two 4 hours should be sufficed before it need to be watered in.

That’s the steps of my homemade liquid fertilizer that I use on my lawn and my friends lawn you can tailor it to be used on your flower beds also or to feed your trees and evergreen plants. In future post I’ll give you the rundown on how to make that batch on other parts of your landscapes.

I also have more homemade lawn fertilizer I will be telling you about in future post. Thank you for stopping by if you have any question or comments please put them in the box below.

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  • February 2, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    It does make perfect sense to have your soil tested as a baseline so that you would exactly know what it needs. Surely, adding things that are not required would be wasteful and can have negative rather than positive results.

    Thank you for your informative and insightful post and for sharing your homemade fertilizer recipe.

    • February 2, 2020 at 6:31 pm

      No problem and thank you for reading and responding to my blog,and give my homemade fertilizer a try you want be sorry.

  • February 2, 2020 at 4:11 pm


    Great post. This is definitely what I am looking for for my lawn. Especially when living in the UK, I have a hard time with my lawn.

    This lawn fertilizer recipe does sound like the thing that might do the trick for me. I will make the investment in it, and follow your instructions. I’ll keep you informed of how it goes. I may need some further help.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • February 2, 2020 at 6:25 pm

      Thanks for the comments.It would do a great job on your lawn and if you have any other question don’t hesitate to get back with me.

  • February 2, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Hi Telly very informative, easy to follow, great home recipe will have to give it a try, all the best

    Take care


    • February 3, 2020 at 2:09 am

      Thank you yes give it a try you would love it.

  • February 3, 2020 at 4:22 am

    I never realized that you could make your own commercial-style liquid fertilizer. Would this recipe work for things other than lawns – like shrubs or flowers?

    • February 3, 2020 at 7:20 am

      Yes it would work great shrubs and flowers.Thanks for the comment.


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