Can you turn granular fertilizer into liquid?

Can you turn granular fertilizer into liquid?

Absolutely yes you can, all you have to do is let the granular fertilizer soak in water for 1 hour to 24 hours or until it dissolves in the water.

It could take longer than 24 hours, therefore you will have to strain the granular fertilizer so you can get any fertilizer that didn’t dissolve and then your all set. I will go more in depth on this topic.

Granular Fertilizer State

When fertilizer is in a granular state it’s also in a solid pellets state and that may not be idea to turn it into liquid fertilizer but with some extra effort you can turn it into an effective liquid fertilizer.

Unlike soluble fertilizer which is perfect to turn into liquid fertilizer because its broken down in very tiny particles that dissolves very easy when water is applied granular is the opposite.It’s very hard and takes some time and effort but can be done with some patience and time.

Put In Water

First you have to add water to the granular fertilizer you will be using. Having use a 5 gallon bucket that would be ideal and a drill gun with a pain mixer attachment.

You want to add quite a bit of water to your fertilizer probably 4 to 5 gallons of water should be good to cover 5000 to 10,000 square feet would be ideal.

Having also use a 1 gallon mix carton if you don’t have a paint This will be making smaller quantities using a milk carton but you can repeat a couple of times to get the same amount as using a 5 gallon bucket.

Just Start Mixing

Mixing is very important that’s the only way you will get the granular fertilizer the dissolve quickly. Using the paint mixer is an excellent way to mix a large quantities of liquid fertilizer.

You will want to do it multiple time in the one day, maybe 3 to 5 times is great. Do it at different time of the day like morning,noon evening and night. If you can only do it once or twice it will work just keep in mind every granular fertilizer might not dissolve.

You want to use hot tap water for a better outcome. Warm water would be okay, cold water might not be that effective in the granular fertilizer dissolving.

Keep In Water For A Period Of Time

This is an important step so don’t skip it.

You need the fertilizer to stay in the water for a period of about 24 hours that should make a lot of the granular fertilizer dissolve in the water.

Make sure you agitate the fertilizer two to three minutes at a time that will really help the granular melt in the water.

The more you do it the better your liquid fertilizer will be this will be the most important processing granular fertilizer in to liquid fertilizer.

Time To Strain

After the fertilizer than sit for at least 24 hours it should be a potent liquid of goodness.Your ready to strain your fertilizer you will need a strainer you can get one from here this one fits a 5 gallon bucket.

This step is very important because you will have some granular pellet that didn’t dissolve all the way and you have to get them out of your liquid fertilizer or your sprayer will most certainly get clogged and can do damage.

You don’t really have to strain if your just using the liquid fertilizer in your potted plants out in your landscape and you really don’t need to use a fertilizer sprayer.

So you can skip this part if that relates to you. The strainer will catch everything that is still in a particle size.

Don’t throw away the particles that did not turn all the way to liquid add some more water to it separately and mix and pour it on your trees or bushes drip line they would love the feeding.

If you use a gallon of milk carton you can just shake it up and pour it over the strainer into a bucket and do the same thing it’s just as effectively than using a paint mixer.


When your done straining your fertilizer you will have the best liquid lawn fertilizer that can be used on your flowers or any other of your plants depending how much water you add to the fertilizer to adjust it’s effectiveness.

So the question is a pretty simple answer can you turn granular fertilizer into liquid.All I can say is you will have the best homemade fertilizer. I hope I answered the question fairly thorough,If you have any question you can leave them down below.

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  • March 22, 2020 at 3:53 am

    Great article with lots of new information about making garden fertilizer. The summer is coming soon and I will try out your ideas and watch my plants grow. Thank you for the great information.

    • March 22, 2020 at 5:38 pm

      Thanks for your interest.Yes try out some of my tips and tell me what you think.


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